Use your English to find work in Italy or abroad

05 May

When can you start?

Are you considering changing your job? Do you speak English?

If you answered “Yes!” twice, you may be interested in the answer to this question, which  appeared recently on the Milan Business English Network:

What is the best way to find a job in Italy (or abroad) using my English?

Here’s the reply:

That’s a great question! Being able to speak English is now considered a necessity for many posts in Italy – and not just in international firms: even small companies now expect candidates to be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of English, plus the ability to use the language effectively in a business context.

Here are a few ideas you may find useful:

Join the Milan Business English Network! (If you’ve already done that: Congratulations!) Don’t forget that we have a parallel group on Facebook, also called the Milan Business English Network.)

– Write your CV (Curriculum Vitae) in English. Have two versions – one in Italian and one in English.

– Practice doing job interviews in English. Have a look at some of the posts on this important topic in the Discussions section of the Milan Business English Network.

– Apply for jobs where English is a main focus for the job, or an essential skill. E.g. (for example) jobs where you deal with international clients or need to speak to people from other countries in English. These might include sales and marketing, project management, international recruitment, travel and tourism or financial services.

– Take a specialist business English course with a qualified teacher. Learn how to speak in meetings, write emails and do presentations. A number of teachers are members of our group. (Click here if you want to find a teacher now.) You can also check out (look at / examine) and for experienced and qualified private business English teachers.

There are also a number of highly reputable specialist Business English schools in Milan. EASYBIZ, for example, offers tailored courses that can help you develop your English language and communication skills.

– Join groups on LinkedIn and other business social networking sites. Don’t just look at Italian sites – extend your reach to include European and world English-speaking business communities.

– Take a business-related English exam and gain a qualification you can include in your CV, e.g. the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC). Employers will also be impressed by a good IELTS or TOEFL score.

– Work abroad! Yes, Italy’s a great country 🙂 but if you can speak English you increase substantially the number of job opportunities available to you.

Well, I hope you find these ideas useful. The key thing is to keep applying for jobs, don’t stop sending out CVs and join as many groups and mailing lists as you can. Registering with employment agencies (such as Adecco) and websites like are also great ways of highlighting your English language abilities and receiving offers of employment.

Good luck!

© Robert Dennis 2011

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